Gradually I also know her, she also know me, and my affection for her is what she can't feel. I buried this seed in the bottom of my heart, rooting and sprouting for a long time, but I dare not let it flourish. I'm very happy to meet her every time and every time. This is the chance for me! In the twinkling of an eye, I stepped into the winter of 2010. The northern winter's killing is awesome. It's time to go home again. The spring train has slowly shuttled through the south, north, north, East, West, East and West. It's time to go home with the harvest of a year and the people who are away from home. She is also going back to her home in the northeast. Maybe it's time for silence. During this time, we just talked on the phone and on the Internet, and gradually realized that she was cheerful and her little things I could know I wanted to know. That winter was the longest winter. I chatted and talked on the phone occasionally when I was at home, and I saw her at home on the video occasionally. But the feeling is different. After all, it's more than a thousand miles away. It's so far away for me who secretly loves someone. I don't think about her for a moment except to make myself busy and occupy one's time. When I don't see a person, I miss them more and more, and I hate being at a loss after smoking and drinking. I was completely occupied by a woman who didn't have too many intersections. The more confused I was. However, after a period of time, it is closer to the time of meeting.